Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank
Kids Dog Coin Bank

Kids Dog Coin Bank

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The Doma Dog Coin Bank is a Best Seller!

Kids absolutely LOVE this! Adults do too! This is a great way to teach your kids about money and how to save with the Doma Kids Dog Coin Bank!

You simply put a few coins in it's bowl and watch in amazement and laughter as the doggy eat's it! This is a MUST have for your kids and grandkids!

It makes the perfect gift and also is create to have around the home! Adults love to have it around for extra spare change! It keeps kids busy for hours as the puppies eat up the coins! It comes in multiple colors so you can get as many Doggies as you would like.
The SMART Dogs will be the happiest and hungriest dogs you'll ever meet. Your coins are stored inside of the box after he eats them. Once the coins fill up, you can simply remove the coins from the bank! Enjoy:)

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  • ❤️ The Doma Kids Dog Coin Bank is not only a money saving box, but it is also a cute and novel decoration dog banks that eats coins for both your home and office tables. Perfect for any kids and adults.

  • ❤️ The Doma Kids Dog Coin bank is wonderfully designed! Place any size coin inside of the dog's bowl and the adorable dogs will happily make your laugh as they eat the coin! The coin will be moved into the Coin Bank. This is very fun to watch! This can keep kids busy for hours!

  • ❤️ The Doma Kids Dog Coin can hold many coins before needing to emptied out. At the bottom of the box, there is a twist latch that you open to get back all the money you have saved up! Powered by 3 AA batteries (NOT included).

  • ❤️ The Doma Kids Dog Coin definitely makes a meaningful gift for children especially teaching them about money and how to save. It forms awesome learning experiences that your child will remember during their life! Your child will easily fall in love with their doggies.

  • ❤️ The Doma Kids Dog Coin is a suitable gift for anyone that you truly love. It's a great "just because" gift, birthday gift, holiday gift and a great gift for family and friends.

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